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Patient Testimonials

When we moved from Miami to Stuart ten years ago we immediately began a search for doctors to replace those we had left behind.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. King was recommended to us by a friend in Stuart who had been a patient for several years. We made an appointment and were impressed by his quiet professionalism.

Patient Testimonial

Having lived and worked for most of my life in the tropic, I am an architect and most of my projects are in the Caribbean Islands Sun Belt; there was much work to be done to repair the damage done by fifty years of exposure.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. King examined me and removed several incipient skin cancers resulting from exposure to the sun. Dr. King set up a regular six-month appointment scheduled for an in-office review.

Patient Testimonial

As a result of the regular appointments Dr. King has discovered several pre-cancers as well as several skin cancers which have been treated successfully.

Patient Testimonial

Each time a procedure is called for Dr. King consults with me on the various options he thinks are best for the treatment. The atmosphere is quiet and not at all dramatic.

Patient Testimonial

We have recommended several of our friends to the office. One of who says Dr. King ‘saved my life’. I am certain the Doctor has saved my life several times over and without the life and death drama of some other medical disciplines.

Patient Testimonial

Doctor King and Staff:

Thank you so much for your care of my Mom. It is very obvious that you all have great compassion for your patients. It amazes Mom and I when we learn that so often you research, discuss, and mentally dwell on the best course of care she need even after we leave your office and on your own time!

Dr. King, your staff is most courteous, kind, and caring… beyond any other caregiver we have seen. Even when you are away, their caring phone calls to us and to pharmaceutical provider attempting to find the medication needed goes beyond the norm. During your recent vacation, Sally was determined to rid Mom of the newest infection/bacteria that attacked. Her calls and her frequent treatments were indicative of a true heart for healing and care. This note is definitely an understatement of the years of attention you have given Mom. We know that she probably would not have her leg today if it were not for you and your staff.

Thank You

Patient Testimonial


We are committed to our patients. Our goal is to give high-quality dermatologic care in a timely, efficient and compassionate manner. We wish to prevent skin diseases to the best of our ability and treat skin disease, if it arises. Please explain your needs and concerns to our staff. We are here for you.

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